We all have a story.

Mine started in 2011 with an average point and 
shoot camera to communicate work going on 
in Haiti with photos. This turned into 
a desire for greater images. Returning for a second season in Haiti 
with a dSLR, I captured my time there 
and the children uninhibited in their 
natural candid moments.

Taking on the style of a photojournalist, 

I continue to capture people at events as well as products for 
commercial needs.

My focus is on family friendly events, products, and services. Events that edify and build our community. Products that support healthy livelihoods. Services that meet tangible practical needs.

During walkabouts I enjoy capturing places and things around us.


(cre·a·tive | krēˈādivAdjective relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work).

Untitled photo
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